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‘ello lovelies

First I want to say welcome to my blog. My name is Maria, I am 40 years old, married, mother of 3 mini adults, 4 dogs, and 2 birds. And I wanted to start a blog to talk about everything.  I didn’t want it to just be about fashion, our my personal journey on getting fit, makeup, shoes, kids, pets, or just my emotional crap that I go through. So I decided that my blog was going to be about it all.

I will sometimes post reviews about books, makeup, skin care, hair care, self-care, home, decorating, pets, just about anything that fancies me at that particular moment.  I sincerely hope that you will become one of my readers and ask other people, friends, colleagues to come and check me out.

With that said, my first official blog post will be tomorrow and please come back to see what I will be ranting or raving about.

Stay tuned because this is where life happens,


Books, life, self care, rants, raves, reviews

Another hair tie bracelet

So not only did I get one hair tie bracelet to try out from @ashleybridgetco I got two. This one is very different from the bangle but just as practical. You can take your hair tie if your wrist and make it look fashionable. If you are interested head on over to at get one. It does come with two hair ties.
ASY TO USE AND WORRY-FREE – Simply slip the cuff over your wrist, then wrap your hair tie around the outer circumference of the bangle so that it fits snugly within the channel, where it will stay firmly put until you need it.Downside to this is once you take the hair tie off, the bracelet does tend to slip off. So you probably want to wrap two skinny ties on it.

LARGE ENOUGH FOR MOST WRISTS – With a diameter of 2.75 inches (6.985 cm), our

bracelet is designed to fit comfortably around most women’s wrists. The 8.64 inch (21.95 cm) circumference will safely store one thin or medium thick hair tie.

AVAILABLE IN THREE BEAUTIFUL FINISHES – Whether you choose our Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold plated bracelet, there’s one to match every outfit, and you’re bound to attract compliments about this fusion of hair accessory and jewelry that you can wear any time, any place.
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A hair tie on the go
I normally don’t do this because this page is not what this is about but I’m on a deadline and using my resources. I received this bangle bracelet from @ashleybridgetco for a review. You ever needed to go to an event or a party and decided you needed a hair tie just in case it got too hot but it didn’t go with the outfit. Well here is the perfect accessory to hide that hair tie. With this bangle, the hair tie goes in the middle. If you notice on the picture you can’t even tell that it’s a hair tie. It looks more the black is painted on like veneer. This bangle actually comes in three different colors; silver, gold and rose gold. If you are wondering if the bangle is heavy, it’s not. It’s actually pretty light. If this is something you have been looking for head on over to  Amazon (i have attached the link) you won’t regret that you did.

LARGE ENOUGH FOR MOST WRISTS – With a diameter of 2.75 inches (6.985 cm), our bracelet is designed to fit comfortably around most women’s wrists. The 8.64 inch (21.95 cm) circumference will safely store one thin or medium thick hair tie.

Your bracelet will arrive, complete with a black elastic hair tie, in a chic presentation box (which is ready to wrap), together with an Ashley Bridget Certificate of Authenticity. 

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Since the time of my last post I have been super busy. Fall is here or almost here! Work is still great; no complaints there. But I started to do some fun thing on my spare time.

First, I have become a product reviewer for some Amazon sellers. That has been interesting. I have gotten yoga pants, compressions socks, a dress, a sweater, some glowing rocks for a garden and currently waiting on this media bag that you can use when traveling.  And all of this for free.  I say free because it’s not costing me anything but time. Time that I already have nothing to do, so why not get some free stuff for posting some honest reviews.  If any of my readers are interested in doing this leave me a comment and I will let you know who to contact.

Secondly, I am now a brand ambassador for DUDE Wipes.  Yes, that is correct DUDE wipes.  I am currently waiting on  my shipment to arrive (also all free) to send out for people to try out. Even though it says DUDE wipes, ladies it is gentle enough for you to use too.

Thirdly, I am also a brand affiliate for Blend it Like Blecker.  This is a small startup cosmetic company that will be launching on Tuesday, September 12.  I am super excited because this is the first cosmetic company that I will be working with. On September 12, I will be doing a blog post for everyone to be able to see the line and how to order with my discount code.

Lastly, Paris Blush is still a project that I am committed to and will hopefully have up by October 1st.  Again this blog will be centered around beauty and fashion.  So excited about all of this. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to this blog and follow me on social media. I will post the links but for now IG: @mariac9954 and Twitter @sunkinwords

Thank you all so much and until next time,


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So it’s been a while since I posted here.  I have been trying and not succeeding to balance everything in my life. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, I work full time and a mama to 5 dogs. It takes a toll sometimes.  And in trying to balance everything I find that I Ioose me in the process of being all these different roles. So how do you balance it all without feeling that you are neglecting someone or something.

This is the whole reason why I created this blog and I’m in the process of setting up my beauty blog too (ParisBlush) to be able to put some of that energy into something creative. I am constantly looking at things I can do to keep my mind from wandering and I feel that this is it for me right now.  I love to read, I started to use makeup in ways that I didn’t think I ever would at 40 and fashion has always been a thing for me, I just couldn’t afford it. So this blog is still going to be about my rants and raves on life and my other will be about fashion, beauty, and yes books.

So to all you wonderful beautiful ladies that take on many roles, I salute you. It’s not easy but we find a way to make it look like it is all while looking fabulous.

Until next time, Cheeky.

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detox drink

So if you remember I started a 45 day weight loss competition here at work and so far it’s been rough.  I’m not even going to lie and say how great it is because that would be untruthful. Today is day 23 and this week has been hard.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Well its been 23 days and the only habit I have formed is dreading the exercise and water. 

I know that water is key, but I’m tired of running to the bathroom every hour or less because I have a bladder of a squirrel. Are there benefits that are showing? Well my skin is not as dry, blemishes are down (yes even at 40 I get blemishes, thank you PCOS) and my kidneys thank me. 

The best part, the other day I woke up feeling skinny.  Come on now, you all know that feeling.  You’ve been good, exercising, eating better, drinking water and of course even after only 23 days you know that you are skinnier. Is it true? Could it be?  So I go and hunt my tape measurer to take my measurements (I don’t own a scale) and what does the tape measurer show? I’m 3 inches smaller in the waist. 3 inches!!! I don’t even bother taking my other measurements because I’m 3 inches smaller in my belly. I jump for joy, go look in the mirror because 3 inches has to be obvious to everyone not just me. I go and tell my husband my success story because 3 inches!! His reply “aren’t you glad I do the cooking and got that elliptical for you?” A tantrum ensues that I will not go into detail about.

While yes I am happy to not have to worry about cooking the right foods and the elliptical is wonderful, I’m the one doing the hard work.  I’m the one staying strong and pushing myself on a daily basis to finally make something stick. I’ll admit that I sneak in some not so great stuff in, but in small portions. Because after all it is all about portion control and then I push myself harder on that elliptical to burn those extra calories.

It’s day 23, 22 days to go. My journey is at the half way point and while I haven’t been perfect at it, I am seeing and feeling results. Water is now my constant companion and my tape measurer is my best friend.

Until next time, Cheeky



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Goals, everyone has them some just work a little harder to achieve them. I started a 45 day wellness and exercise challenge with my friend and boss. Tomorrow will be day one of our 3 day refresh to boost our weight loss goals. I have seen what I am allowed to eat for the next 4 days and it is insane how little eating there will actually be. The program is 3 day refresh from Beachbody. Has any one heard of it, tried it? It’s the same company that has brought you Insanity; with Shaun T and many other exercise programs. My friend is a coach for Beachbody and she is setting the bar high. Which is a great thing for me because I need all the help and motivation I can get.  I’m doing it. I am investing in myself and in my well being. 

I come from a family that did not win the lottery in the gene pool other than aging really well. So this is to reverse the many systems of PCOS, insulin resistance and over all health issues. I am going to succeed because I am the only one responsible for me. Are you ready to take this journey with me?  Because I will be posting some updates and results. And I know this is a 45 day challenge but I am going to do my all do a lifestyle change. Because what good is it to go through all of this just to go back to bad habits.

Until next time, Cheeky

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Have you ever had that relationship that no other relationship can ever match. I’m talking Meredith and Christina (from Grey’s Anatomy); your person. 

My person is this amazing soul and I miss her dearly. I met her in a time in my life when I needed a person the most. She took me on my first roller coster ride for my 21st birthday. She and I used to go to lunch at a particular time because she had introduced me to General Hospital and I have been a fan ever since. Her parents became mom and dad to me and grandma and grandpa to my children. She and her sisters had become aunts to my children and she taught me that family was not just blood related. Again I miss her dearly. We did not have a falling out, life just got in the way.  We haven’t lived in the same town for many years but even than she is family for life. When tragedy struck her family she immediately contacted me and I was there for her, just as I know she would be for me. We saw each other and we embraced and it felt like no time had passed even though it had. We were still each others person. How beautiful is that, to know that no matter the time or place that you always have someone to comfort you.

Some people come into our lives to teach us, to help us grow and then they disappear. Others come to test you, to make you question everything that you thought you knew. Some come to help you stand, take on the burdens that you can’t, help you fight, hold your hand, hold you while you cry, listen as you mourn and stand next you. But your person is there through it all. Your person knows your secrets, your fears, will help you dispose of the body if they had to, pick you up off the floor, hold your hair, and wouldn’t think twice about doing anything you asked.

I hope that you have a person like that. I hope that you know that family is sometimes the ones that we get to choose. My person made an impact and continues to. Hold on to the people that have seen your ugly and still continue to be there for you.

Until next time, Cheeky 

Books, life, self care, rants, raves, reviews

Simple Pleasures

I recently started to do the gift exchange on Reddit; if you have never done one you totally should. The one I picked was simple pleasures. So that got me to thinking what is a simple pleasure?

To me a simple pleasure is a good book to read. Being able to read said book without being disturbed. Even if it takes me 7 hours to read said book. Another one of my simple pleasures is listening to music. There is nothing like music to calm your soul or heighten your emotions. My very favorite simple pleasure, milk chocolate. In the form of snickers, twix, kisses, just some great chocolate.

Many times people think that simple pleasures have to be expensive. But they don’t; thats is why it’s called simple pleasures. Walks on the beach are free, some e-books on ibooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook are free. There are so many things out there waiting to be explored and all free.

So tell me my fellow readers, what are your simple pleasures? And maybe your simple pleasures can become mine.

Until next time, Cheeky

Pets, fur babies


Shaiya, I miss you.  Today marks exactly one year that we lost our beloved Shaiya. She was our first fur baby in our home (correction our first dog, we had 4 cats), a Rottweiler. People hear that you have a Rottweiler and they immediately think viscous dogs, but they are actually a very fun and loyal breed. You see that smile on her face in the picture above? That was her all the time.  But don’t let that smile fool you, she was also very protective, especially of her daddy.

Shaiya and I used to get into arguments because we were both trying to get her daddies attention; she usually won. We would argue about the pillows and the covers on the bed, again she usually won.  Our Shaiya was very talkative. She would sit and have a conversation and even tilt her head to the side  as if she was trying to think of a response. I miss our conversations. She was spoiled and loved till her very last breath.

To anyone who has lost a pet recently or in the past, I’m sorry. Because I know how much it hurts to loose a beloved pet. One good thing is that we have our memories and we have our pictures to remember them by.

Until next blog, Cheeky

self care


I learned yesterday that mental health is a struggle.  Not only for me but my children as well.  They still struggle with things I was not aware of.  Not because I don’t ask but because they are afraid to be open and they let it build inside.  But I know that is not just something that my children (they’re adults, all 3 are over 21) struggle with, we all struggle with mental health.

We are taught at a young age that we must not wallow in self misery and pity.  That we must forget and move on. But thats the the thing, we just can’t forget and move on. We have memories that are a part of us. That forged us into the people we are today. The struggles, the sadness, the tears, the fights, they all made an impact. Maybe some of those were not ours directly. Maybe we watched our parents, our friends, people we consider special go through all of this and that impact was strong enough that it changed us.

I know it changed me. I watched my mother be a roller coaster. She was up, she was down and sometimes in between. But as I watched her, I knew that I didn’t want to be anything like her. Impression made at 10 years old, knowing that you didn’t want to be like your parent. That had an impact. Ten year old me wanted something different for future me. But the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Fifteen and pregnant (so was mother) I failed 10 year old me. By the time I was 18, I had three children. But that is where it stopped. That was going to be the only comparison I was going to have to my mother. I fought against everything I had been shown, everything that I had learned to be better. I instilled in my children that they were loved, that they could do better, that the world was waiting for them to explore it and not sit and let time pass them by. I succeeded.

I did not fail 10 year old me this time. Ten your old me is proud of 40 year old me. But then, yesterday happened. One of my children made me aware that while I did not fail 10 year old me, I failed my child. At what age did I fail my child? Was it when my child was 5? Was it when my child was 18? Was it that I failed my child now? But my child will not talk to me. And all I can think about is, I pushed my child to hard. I pushed that school was important, that getting an education was monumental. I pushed it because my child was always a super star at school. My child excelled so easily. My mistake yet again. It was not easy, I pushed and so my child pushed. My child failed a class. I asked why the failed class and my child said “because there was a month and a half were nothing way okay”. I asked what exactly that meant, reply was “mental health”.

Now I need to find a way to make this okay for my child. To  let my child know that it is okay to have a set back, to talk to me because I will not judge. I told my child this but there was still no talking. But that’s okay. Because there was a first step taken, my child made me aware. Now I know to be patient because I know my child, this was major. This was my child asking indirectly for help. There is a struggle and my child reached out.

This is the part that I will struggle most with; patience. While my child made me aware, we are on my child’s time table not mine.  As a parent I want to take this on, make it my fight, but I know that I can’t. I can not fix this, this is my child’s journey not mine.

Thank you for listening.

Until next blog, Cheeky