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Another hair tie bracelet

So not only did I get one hair tie bracelet to try out from @ashleybridgetco I got two. This one is very different from the bangle but just as practical. You can take your hair tie if your wrist and make it look fashionable. If you are interested head on over to at get one. It does come with two hair ties.
ASY TO USE AND WORRY-FREE – Simply slip the cuff over your wrist, then wrap your hair tie around the outer circumference of the bangle so that it fits snugly within the channel, where it will stay firmly put until you need it.Downside to this is once you take the hair tie off, the bracelet does tend to slip off. So you probably want to wrap two skinny ties on it.

LARGE ENOUGH FOR MOST WRISTS – With a diameter of 2.75 inches (6.985 cm), our

bracelet is designed to fit comfortably around most women’s wrists. The 8.64 inch (21.95 cm) circumference will safely store one thin or medium thick hair tie.

AVAILABLE IN THREE BEAUTIFUL FINISHES – Whether you choose our Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold plated bracelet, there’s one to match every outfit, and you’re bound to attract compliments about this fusion of hair accessory and jewelry that you can wear any time, any place.
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