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Since the time of my last post I have been super busy. Fall is here or almost here! Work is still great; no complaints there. But I started to do some fun thing on my spare time.

First, I have become a product reviewer for some Amazon sellers. That has been interesting. I have gotten yoga pants, compressions socks, a dress, a sweater, some glowing rocks for a garden and currently waiting on this media bag that you can use when traveling.  And all of this for free.  I say free because it’s not costing me anything but time. Time that I already have nothing to do, so why not get some free stuff for posting some honest reviews.  If any of my readers are interested in doing this leave me a comment and I will let you know who to contact.

Secondly, I am now a brand ambassador for DUDE Wipes.  Yes, that is correct DUDE wipes.  I am currently waiting on  my shipment to arrive (also all free) to send out for people to try out. Even though it says DUDE wipes, ladies it is gentle enough for you to use too.

Thirdly, I am also a brand affiliate for Blend it Like Blecker.  This is a small startup cosmetic company that will be launching on Tuesday, September 12.  I am super excited because this is the first cosmetic company that I will be working with. On September 12, I will be doing a blog post for everyone to be able to see the line and how to order with my discount code.

Lastly, Paris Blush is still a project that I am committed to and will hopefully have up by October 1st.  Again this blog will be centered around beauty and fashion.  So excited about all of this. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to this blog and follow me on social media. I will post the links but for now IG: @mariac9954 and Twitter @sunkinwords

Thank you all so much and until next time,



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