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So if you remember I started a 45 day weight loss competition here at work and so far it’s been rough.  I’m not even going to lie and say how great it is because that would be untruthful. Today is day 23 and this week has been hard.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Well its been 23 days and the only habit I have formed is dreading the exercise and water. 

I know that water is key, but I’m tired of running to the bathroom every hour or less because I have a bladder of a squirrel. Are there benefits that are showing? Well my skin is not as dry, blemishes are down (yes even at 40 I get blemishes, thank you PCOS) and my kidneys thank me. 

The best part, the other day I woke up feeling skinny.  Come on now, you all know that feeling.  You’ve been good, exercising, eating better, drinking water and of course even after only 23 days you know that you are skinnier. Is it true? Could it be?  So I go and hunt my tape measurer to take my measurements (I don’t own a scale) and what does the tape measurer show? I’m 3 inches smaller in the waist. 3 inches!!! I don’t even bother taking my other measurements because I’m 3 inches smaller in my belly. I jump for joy, go look in the mirror because 3 inches has to be obvious to everyone not just me. I go and tell my husband my success story because 3 inches!! His reply “aren’t you glad I do the cooking and got that elliptical for you?” A tantrum ensues that I will not go into detail about.

While yes I am happy to not have to worry about cooking the right foods and the elliptical is wonderful, I’m the one doing the hard work.  I’m the one staying strong and pushing myself on a daily basis to finally make something stick. I’ll admit that I sneak in some not so great stuff in, but in small portions. Because after all it is all about portion control and then I push myself harder on that elliptical to burn those extra calories.

It’s day 23, 22 days to go. My journey is at the half way point and while I haven’t been perfect at it, I am seeing and feeling results. Water is now my constant companion and my tape measurer is my best friend.

Until next time, Cheeky




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