self care


Goals, everyone has them some just work a little harder to achieve them. I started a 45 day wellness and exercise challenge with my friend and boss. Tomorrow will be day one of our 3 day refresh to boost our weight loss goals. I have seen what I am allowed to eat for the next 4 days and it is insane how little eating there will actually be. The program is 3 day refresh from Beachbody. Has any one heard of it, tried it? It’s the same company that has brought you Insanity; with Shaun T and many other exercise programs. My friend is a coach for Beachbody and she is setting the bar high. Which is a great thing for me because I need all the help and motivation I can get.  I’m doing it. I am investing in myself and in my well being. 

I come from a family that did not win the lottery in the gene pool other than aging really well. So this is to reverse the many systems of PCOS, insulin resistance and over all health issues. I am going to succeed because I am the only one responsible for me. Are you ready to take this journey with me?  Because I will be posting some updates and results. And I know this is a 45 day challenge but I am going to do my all do a lifestyle change. Because what good is it to go through all of this just to go back to bad habits.

Until next time, Cheeky


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