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Have you ever had that relationship that no other relationship can ever match. I’m talking Meredith and Christina (from Grey’s Anatomy); your person. 

My person is this amazing soul and I miss her dearly. I met her in a time in my life when I needed a person the most. She took me on my first roller coster ride for my 21st birthday. She and I used to go to lunch at a particular time because she had introduced me to General Hospital and I have been a fan ever since. Her parents became mom and dad to me and grandma and grandpa to my children. She and her sisters had become aunts to my children and she taught me that family was not just blood related. Again I miss her dearly. We did not have a falling out, life just got in the way.  We haven’t lived in the same town for many years but even than she is family for life. When tragedy struck her family she immediately contacted me and I was there for her, just as I know she would be for me. We saw each other and we embraced and it felt like no time had passed even though it had. We were still each others person. How beautiful is that, to know that no matter the time or place that you always have someone to comfort you.

Some people come into our lives to teach us, to help us grow and then they disappear. Others come to test you, to make you question everything that you thought you knew. Some come to help you stand, take on the burdens that you can’t, help you fight, hold your hand, hold you while you cry, listen as you mourn and stand next you. But your person is there through it all. Your person knows your secrets, your fears, will help you dispose of the body if they had to, pick you up off the floor, hold your hair, and wouldn’t think twice about doing anything you asked.

I hope that you have a person like that. I hope that you know that family is sometimes the ones that we get to choose. My person made an impact and continues to. Hold on to the people that have seen your ugly and still continue to be there for you.

Until next time, Cheeky 


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