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Simple Pleasures

I recently started to do the gift exchange on Reddit; if you have never done one you totally should. The one I picked was simple pleasures. So that got me to thinking what is a simple pleasure?

To me a simple pleasure is a good book to read. Being able to read said book without being disturbed. Even if it takes me 7 hours to read said book. Another one of my simple pleasures is listening to music. There is nothing like music to calm your soul or heighten your emotions. My very favorite simple pleasure, milk chocolate. In the form of snickers, twix, kisses, just some great chocolate.

Many times people think that simple pleasures have to be expensive. But they don’t; thats is why it’s called simple pleasures. Walks on the beach are free, some e-books on ibooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook are free. There are so many things out there waiting to be explored and all free.

So tell me my fellow readers, what are your simple pleasures? And maybe your simple pleasures can become mine.

Until next time, Cheeky


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