Pets, fur babies


Shaiya, I miss you.  Today marks exactly one year that we lost our beloved Shaiya. She was our first fur baby in our home (correction our first dog, we had 4 cats), a Rottweiler. People hear that you have a Rottweiler and they immediately think viscous dogs, but they are actually a very fun and loyal breed. You see that smile on her face in the picture above? That was her all the time.  But don’t let that smile fool you, she was also very protective, especially of her daddy.

Shaiya and I used to get into arguments because we were both trying to get her daddies attention; she usually won. We would argue about the pillows and the covers on the bed, again she usually won.  Our Shaiya was very talkative. She would sit and have a conversation and even tilt her head to the side  as if she was trying to think of a response. I miss our conversations. She was spoiled and loved till her very last breath.

To anyone who has lost a pet recently or in the past, I’m sorry. Because I know how much it hurts to loose a beloved pet. One good thing is that we have our memories and we have our pictures to remember them by.

Until next blog, Cheeky


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