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Boredom brings new experiences

I was never heavy on social media but lately I see myself posting more on Instagram, Facebook, and I started this blog. It all started right after I turned 40 about eight weeks ago.  I was looking for something to do with my time since my kids are adults and I needed a break from reading. I’m a bibliophile, I love to read but sometimes I need a break from the books to clear mind and get in a good place to pick up another book. Some books just take time to get it over (my book lovers know exactly what I’m talking about). 

I started to look for inspiration on how to get fit again. That made me ask my husband for help because I couldn’t do it alone.  So he started making me get up early on the weekends and taking the dogs to the park before it got too congested with other people. But by taking the dogs to the park I don’t mean these simple walks. No, these walks made me sweat, hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt and cuss my poor husband out  a couple of times. I mean, I asked for help, not be killed. But that didn’t deter him from helping me, he went the extra mile for me. He started cooking my foods (the right foods), weighing them out (because apparently a cup is not a cup) and made me throw out my sugary drinks. I hate him and love him for everything he is doing for me.  I’m happy to say that I am down a total of 5 inches since this started and the walks have become a bit easier but longer.

I also started looking at YouTube videos on how to put on makeup (to the horror of my husband that became an expensive viewing binge) more on that in a bit. I saw videos on dumpster diving at Ulta for makeup. I went as far as asking my husband, yet again, if he would go the local Ulta and dumpster dive with me.  Of course he said yes. He might have mentioned that it was illegal and we could probably go to jail for it but he would totally do it for me. We have yet to make it to Ulta to look through their dumpster.  I’m sorry but I just don’t look good in stripes or orange jumpsuits. But knowing that my husband would totally jump in a dumpster for me is everything.

Makeup is expensive! I mean, need to take loan out just to get the basics expensive.  I never knew how many brushes, blotters, sponges, applicator, etc. went into to putting on make up. Or how many different brands were out there.  Did you know about makeups being pigmented or not? Neither did I but those YouTube bloggers sure did and I needed what they were using. Hence my husband being horrified at the expense of it all and why I suggested dumpster diving. But there is something about putting your best face on in the mornings that makes it all worth it.  I say that now, before I was a mascara, lip gloss and maybe some translucent powder and I was done in 5 minutes or less.  Now it takes me 20 minutes or more.   So the expense right. Well I started to look at how I could get makeup for free and that brought on a slew of websites, surveys, and apps that it was all just too much.  But in doing that I did come across Influenster.  

Influenster is this awesome app that you basically sign up on and start earning badges. You put in your personal information, answer some questions and start earning badges. The more badges you earn the more chance of you getting chosen to get a free vox box. Now, it does ask for your social media information to see just how much of an influence you have but it does not mean that your number has to be great.  There are some girls who mentioned that they have been trying for over a year to get a box (they keep trying because the boxes are just that good). Look it up on YouTube or go to their website, it is worth it. Myself I signed up 3 weeks ago and 3 days later I got the email that I was on the short list and then I got picked to get the box. You know that saying “nothing really is for free”?  You do have to post some reviews and earn more badges but your chance of getting picked for the next box is greater and the boxes keep getting better.

Boredom happened to me and I learned some new things, started to work on me, and figured out that you are never to old to get out of your comfort zone. Makeup is new and its different for me and I enjoy learning more about it. Working out is hard, but I am getting results thanks to that hubby of mine. Free things are hard to get, don’t go dumpster diving unless you like stripes and jail time. Lastly, remember that life happens and that you are enough just as you are but sometimes we can be so much more.

Until next blog, Cheeky



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